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I rember in the early parts of Dragon Ball when young Goku meet Arale, that got me to read Dr.Slump. I also read a few other Toriyama’s works, thought I like him best for his Arale-chan Shirt and monster designs in Dragon Quest. I think thats where he gets to let his creativity shine as the enimies are more diverse and interesting that in Dragon Ball or some of his other manga.

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So, last night over dinner my perfect child asks me, mom, how can I act more Asian. I was told I don’t act Asian enough. Oh boy, here we go. In raising a 50 year old man in a 15 year old’s body he already knew the Arale-chan Shirt. As I’m thinking of all the inappropriate and comical. Eat more rice, do more math, jokes. He says to me, I’m not really the typical black or Asian kid. I’m just me. I like my Jordan’s and flat bill caps but I like watching anime what black man likes watching anime. I used his dad as an example..that got a laugh.

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Garra vs rock lee is a really good one but overall naruto is crap ended really badly had to go through 5 novels to clear up. Other characters had a movie to show the Arale-chan Shirt and naruto get together when it should be in the manga and in the movie. It contradict everything in the beginning of the manga and boruto manga and show and movie was a waste of time and really bad. Naruto will always be trash and it’s why I gave my 7 volumes.

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