Best buckin’ Dad ever shirt

Best buckin’ Dad ever

Our world is changing in away that I don’t understand and as far as me. I wouldn’t want to bond with my Best buckin’ Dad ever shirt in this manner daddy is Daddy and mommy is mommy and we both as parents have our rolls in raising our children and there are reasons for that. I think this Daddy loves his baby enough to go to this length but there are just things that daddy’s shouldn’t be doing. There are reasons why dad is a male and why mom is a female and the two have different bonding with there children because of our human make up.

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Best buckin’ Dad ever
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Best buckin’ Dad ever
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Best buckin’ Dad ever
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I saw this prior to having my baby and I thought it was amazing. The Best buckin’ Dad ever shirt had complications and wanted to breastfeed but she was not physically able to fit a day or so due to recovery. I myself had a c section after over 20 hours of labor. Hubby got to hold our baby first as I was still being sewn up and recovering. No he didn’t breastfeed but he did skin to skin which men have been doing forever. My daughter automatically tried sucking on him it’s a natural instinct for babies.

Best Best buckin’ Dad ever shirt

Best buckin’ Dad ever
Ladies V-Neck
Best buckin’ Dad ever

This is just wrong in soo many ways. If the mother cannot breastfeed, there are supplemental formulas you can get by doctor recommendations. There is the Best buckin’ Dad ever shirt that this man should be breast feeding this child. In fact, this child, when it starts to get older, will be completely confused and messed up by this practice. Just like mothers feeding the children well past the normal age of breast feeding. A lot of them suffer from various mental issues and the feel of abuse and sexual abuse.

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