Birmingham Iron Shirt

Birmingham Iron

I was a 9 year old girl in Birmingham Iron Shirt when the bombing happened. I will never forget the bombing or the girls. The bombing made me think it could happen to me, not so much in Detroit but I visited the Mississippi Delta once or twice a year and went to church there. Or I thought it could happen to my cousins.

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Birmingham Iron
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Birmingham Iron
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Birmingham Iron
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Birmingham Iron
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Pause for a moment to consider how the Black Panther Party, who’s primary function was providing food and Birmingham Iron Shirt for their impoverished communities, was forcibly dismantled by the government because they were deemed dangerous and a “terror threat.”But here we have the Ku Klux Klan, a group that has engaged in hateful acts of racism and of domestic terrorism as long as they have been in existence. But there’s no government office actively engaged in stopping them. In FACT, our so called “president” has been formally endorsed by some of it’s most prominent members, as well as the organization itself.

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Birmingham Iron
Birmingham Iron

t’s sad the way the 5th little girl in the restroom bombing with Denise McNair, who survived the bombing was forgotten in history. She suffers from the loss of an eye and other physical ailments.
We must never forget our living legends. She has been placed in the American history book I wrote. Beads on a String-America’s Racially Intertwined Biographical History. America’s 1st and only, multiracial history book that celebrates ALL Americans.Birmingham Iron Shirt
Her name is Sarah Collins Rudolph. Her older sister also died in the bombing – Addie Mae Collins.

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