Donkeys Merry Kissmyass Shirt

Donkeys Merry Kissmyass ShirtDonkeys Merry Kissmyass Shirt


As a military family, it is INFURIATING that things that would get us investigated, disciplined, relieved, dishonorable discharged etc. as conduct unbecoming like Donkeys Merry Kissmyass Shirt and even ENDORSED/MINIMIZED in our so called “superiors”: Our CiC, his cabinet members and now on the Judiciary. WHY AREN’T THESE SO CALLED SUPERIORS HELD TO THE SAME STANDARD, including REQUIRED EXHAUSTIVE legal, financial/CoE, and ethical BACKGROUND CHECKS OF SPECIAL FORCES and INTELLIGENCE AGENTS?

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Donkeys Merry Kissmyass Shirt
Donkeys Merry Kissmyass Shirt
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Donkeys Merry Kissmyass Shirt
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Donkeys Merry Kissmyass Shirt
Donkeys Merry Kissmyass Shirt

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Congress, the Executive and others serving in military and representive capacities should have to pass the SAME checks as the highest officers beneath them (CiC is head of Donkeys Merry Kissmyass Shirt  , and by extension his appointees / nominees should be equally qualified/EXTREME VETTING). It’s common sense!!! There should be a CLEAN record of all involved at ALL levels of govt. anything that would be judged Conduct Unbecoming or suspect under JAG/Special Ops/Intelligence forces rules should d/q someone from serving the public.

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