Not All Geminis shirt

Not All Geminis shirtNot All Geminis shirt


They think a blow job deserves impeachment and not this. Wow. How many crimes and exactly what crimes does that despicable man need to do that would warrant impeachment to them. It’s so telling that the Not All Geminis shirt of these republicans haven’t even read the Mueller report, haven’t read the actual transcript of the “perfect” phone call, and would ignore all 1st hand testimony and then develop a conspiracy to protect this corrupt “president.” Hey guys, what’s the “president” holding over your heads that would make you ignore the law and protect our democracy?

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Not All Geminis shirt
Not All Geminis shirt
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Not All Geminis shirt
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Not All Geminis shirt
Not All Geminis shirt

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I don’t expect Republicans to impeach in the Senate ,but they are putting our country on the Not All Geminis shirt . By not impeaching in the Senate they are literally saying it is okay to demand that a foreign Government help you win an election by any mean necessary , or that country will no longer receive the aid they may need all the while putting our own National security at risk . Is this really what we want. It’s time for these stooges to stop playing childish games and put our national interest above anything else , including there own re-elections . Some things are more important than your job.

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